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Winter Tights


The Q36.5 Winter Tights suggest a different kind of winter training to that implied by the extreme technical solutions employed in our Long Salopette and Termica Long Salopette.

Using a slightly less radical fabric solution; a dense fleece backed polyester and polyamide mix , while maintaining the same ergonomic pattern and design features of the Long Salopette, we are able to offer a thermal, durable and hard-wearing winter tight with a more traditional feel and







After the intense experimentation which led to the development our FUSION Chamois (used on Salopette L1 Essential) which combines sewn and thermo moulded components into a single chamois, Q36.5 used the fruits of its research to develop a new chamois produced exclusively with thermo moulding techniques.

This new pad, the Super Moulded (SM), has the same dimensions as the FUSION and its foam padding has been calibrated according to the same scheme of variable densities and thicknesses in the perineal, ischiatic, genital and gluteal zones for an extremely sophisticated tuning of rider comfort. The chamois, as with rear part of the FUSION, uses a unique moulding technique to present smooth variations in thickness of padding (unlike the more common striated multi-thickness thermo moulded pads on the market), markedly improving the contact with the rider’s skin.

The SM is, like the FUSION, an extremely high-performing chamois designed for a solid and substantial feel and all-round riding support: from more upright ‘amateur rider’ and climbing positions to the ‘road riding’ position which places pressure on the perineal area all the way to the extreme angles of a Time Trial position.


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