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UF Hybrid Shell Leg Warmer

Like the Salopette L1 and Long Salopette the combination of ergogenic fabrics and an ergonomic paneled ‘pre-shape’ cut create a unique tactile riding quality for the rider. The leg warmers are designed with the same UF Hybrid Shell fabric used in the Long Salopette in the frontal, most exposed, part of the design.  This ribbed insulating material is extremely dense, blocking the passage of air as well as allowing for the lowest volume design (53.5g per leg).  The fabric has also undergone a treatment for increased water resistance and faster drying times. The rear panels use a soft, flexible polyamide-polyester fleece material with excellent moisture management characteristics.
When the rider first uses the leg warmer he or she will notice that the upper end of the tube has been cut along a diagonal axis, finishing higher on the outer side of thigh and lower on the inner side, so as to avoid creating a tourniquet effect on the muscle group and allow for the best circulation, as well as offering more complete thermal protection to the outer, most-exposed, part of the thigh. 
Fit is extremely ergonomic (given by the ‘pre-shape’ multi-paneled cut) and snug thanks to the elasticity of the UF Hybrid Shell fabric.  Both bottom and top ends of the leg warmer are finished with the same treated polyamide-elastane gripper used in the Salopette L1 Essential.

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